Thinking and Destiny

Welcome to information about yourself, the cosmos, and beyond, that you most likely have not encountered until now.

When Thinking and Destiny was first published over 60 years ago, in 1946, the author stated that the book was ahead of its time and that it would not come into its own until the turn of the century. No longer ahead of its time, Thinking and Destiny is perhaps the most complete book on the whole man ever written in the English Language. Here, information, older than recorded history, is now made known to the world-about Consciousness. No student or teacher of metaphysics, no leader of a modern school of thought, no minister or priest of ancient or modern religion can fail to marvel at the scope and comprehensive detail of the information presented, or fail to wonder-until they have absorbed the portions on Consciousness-how the author obtained the information.

This book evokes profound interest because it satisfies our desire to bring logical reasoning to questions we wonder about, but think, or are told, are unanswerable; questions such as: What are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? These questions are important because they are a reflection of the underlying dynamics of our existence. To understand these dynamics is to also comprehend the true nature of suffering in the world. All suffering, whether on a personal or global level, stems from our thoughts. Percival diagrams the components of a thought so that we are able to see exactly how they are created, by us, and can lead to our physical and emotional pain.

What Thinking and Destiny is not about is short cuts or a quick fix. But for anyone willing to think into the central meaning of the words, we feel certain that this book will satisfy your desire for the inner contentment that comes from having a world view you can trust. This will become a reality as the information, once understood, is applied to difficulties as they are encountered. In this way, through our own reality tests, we begin to experience our pain transmuting from something confusing, frightening and untenable to strength, fortitude and the wholeness that we intuit is our heritage.


(1080 pages)


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